The ambiguous response 2D as reponse to opening 1H or 1S

Opening 1NT with 5 cards in major and with 15-17H and balanced hand, is not a good idea. Much better is to open 1 or 1 and to use the ambiguous response 2 which brings more other benefits.

After opening 1 or 1, the ambiguous response 2 presumes a fit in major but with a very weak hand of 5-6HCP, limit of Pass. After this response 2 the opener must always complete in major to 2 or 2, except if he has at least 18HCP. This response 2 is a complement of classical fitted responses such as, for instance after opening 1 :

* High Support Points

Of course, bidding the response 2 rather than 2 or 2 depends also on distribution. For instance if the responder has a flat hand 4333 of 7HCP with fit of 3 cards but without no more, he will response 2 instead of 2 or 2. On the contrary if his hand has only 4HCP but fitted with 3 or 4 cards and a singleton, he will bid 2 rather than Pass.

But of course, this response 2 is not always fitted, does not exclude neither a stronger or very strong hand nor a long suiter. By theese last cases, the responder will describe his hand by his second biddind.

Main profits of this response 2D

NB : In case of overcall by Double or by a color, the response 2 becomes natural and classical.

The responder has a long D suiter with at least 11HSP and is fitted in major

The responder has a long D suiter with at least 11HCP but is not fitted in major

NB : If the opener has 5 4 he opens 1 then, after response 2, he bids 2 instead of 2
As response to 2, if the responder has a weak hand he passes with 4 and 3, but bids 2 with 3 without 4.

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